Shariq Hirani

Senior Manager

Shariq is a software architect, media buff, and overall dabbler in all things technology. In his free time, he gives bad haircuts to his plants - check them out on his Instagram. He's a huge fan of Plex and containerizes everything. Take a look at his media server's Docker build repo.

Other than a horrible plant trimmer, he is also the host of his own podcast named Changelog, a photographer, and he attempts to write a blog.

Full-time he is a cloud-native architect with 11 years of experience in microservice architecture, development, and CI/CD. He usually builds with Docker on Kubernetes, utilizing GKE and the power of GCP. You could say that this is his specialty.

Lately, he has been focusing on Next.js and TailwindCSS to create websites. His goal is to always learn something new, and maybe he can use it to change the world. But as we have seen over these past few years, change does not come so easily. His other less known goal is to break his addiction to coffee. Seriously, he's dedicating a whole webpage to it ☕.

Shout-outs 📢

Braydon Coyer for his guidance and motivation.

Lee Robinson for great tutorials and the willingness to share.

Timothy Lin for the awesome template and being a contributor to amazing open source.



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